Special Projects

Textile integrated Floormat

Thermoflex developed the necessary technologies to mold a floormat with a carpet insert that does not require the use of adhesives or fasteners. Thermoflex has the desire to remain at the forefront of automotive accessory design, and our R&D is focused to ensure that we are capable of producing a product to fit the desires of our partners’ design staff.

modular cargo organizer

Hate to hear things sliding around in your trunk/cargo area? So do we. In response to this, Thermoflex designed a modular cargo organizer with snap-in bolsters to prevent groceries or other objects from moving while the vehicle is in motion. The idea driving this concept was a base platform that could both add functionality to the cargo area, and enable the creation of new accessories that could work in concert with the base mat.

SUb-Floor organizer

Thermoflex was challenged to create an organizer that could hold 50lbs. (22.7kg) of components without deforming and without any vibration noise while the vehicle is in use. Thermoflex developed the part and the material required to make it and allowed our customer to gain utility and the ability to sell new accessories out of an otherwise wasted space.

The final part holds the tire jack, a first-aid kit, an umbrella, an emergency blanket, and several other branded components.