Progress through Innovation

At Thermoflex, our goal is to buck the trend. Welcome to the future of automotive accessory development and production.


All-Weather Mats & FloorForm Liners

Thermoflex offers floor mat systems for all types of cars and trucks. Our floor mats are injection molded from recyclable Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE).

Cargo Mats & Protectors

In an effort to shield the entire interior floor, Thermoflex also manufactures cargo area protectors. These parts range in depth from a shallow, 1/2″ mat to a deep 6″ tray. Unlike a vac-formed part, our cargo protectors are injection molded.

Exterior Trim

Thermoflex produces a wide variety of splashguards, bumper guards, hitch plugs, and other custom-built production and accessory parts to suit a variety of needs and applications. Whatever the need, Thermoflex makes parts that look good, and are built to last for the life of the vehicle.

Special Projects

Thermoflex has long distinguished itself as a company that is willing and able to innovate and create new and exciting opportunities for OEM parts that have never existed, some of which have upended longstanding paradigms.