Cargo Mats and protectors

Cargo Mats and Protectors

In an effort to shield the entire interior floor, Thermoflex also manufactures cargo area protectors. These parts range in depth from a shallow, 1/2″ mat to a deep 3″ tray. Unlike a vac-formed part, our cargo protectors are injection molded. This process allows for the incorporation of hundreds of nibs on the bottom mat surface and a consistent wall thickness. The end result is a part that closely matches the mats while diminishing the chance of movement.

Consistent Details

Whether it’s a continuation of the design of the floormats, or a totally unique design meant to stand on its own, injection molded parts offer nearly unlimited flexibility for form, function and design.

Injection molding offers a clarity that cannot be matched by other production methods and allows product designers complete freedom to coordinate their vehicle interiors. This attention to detail keeps end-users engaged and helps them feel connected to their vehicle.

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