All-Weather Floormats

Thermoflex offers custom designed floormats for a variety of vehicles and OEMs. Read more

Cargo Mats & Protectors

Cargo mats are the perfect extension of our floormats and can be designed for unified look across the vehicle or family of vehciles. Read more

Floorform Mats

Another extension of our floomat capabilities, we can convert floor pan data into a molded mat that fits every contour of the vehicle's floor. Read more

Splash Guards

Splash guards begin as CAD data and are designed to continue the exterior trim of the vehicle while adding unsurpassed splash protetction. Read more

IM Carpet Mats

Injection molded carpet mats are Thermoflex's latest innovation. These mats offer the advantages of both carpet and all-weather mats without the need for adhesives. Read more

Exterior Trim Parts

Whether it be a scuff plate or hitch plug, our injection molding facilities can make the part you need. Read more