Art to Part

Concept through manufacturing is all executed in house and we are constantly continuing to expand these abilities. At Thermoflex, we remain ever-committed to expanding our in-house capabilities. As leaders in design innovation for over 50 years, we view each and every project as an opportunity to match the styling cues of the target vehicle. To that end, each product goes through a thorough in-house design process.

Design Philosophy

We believe that each part and each design must be an entity unto itself. For this reason, we delve into each design from a fresh mindset and combine our design concepts with our vast array of engineering experience to apply our designs to the specific vehicle for which it is intended. Once the design is complete, our rapid prototyping capabilities allow us to produce a dimensionally accurate sample to ensure the fit and function of the final product.

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Tooling & Production

Thermoflex's in-house tooling capabilities can significantly cut program lead times while maintaining the exacting standards for which we are known. Our CNC machines offer seamless interpretation of our designs into a finished repeatable product.

toolingFollowing the completion of the tool, Thermoflex's state of the art injection molding machines stand ready to launch into production. Our machines offer unparalleled capacity and repeatability.
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Thermoflex continues to explore and utilize the most advanced materials available. With our vision set to the future, our goal is to incorporate recycled components into each of our product lines, while still meeting our customers' engineering requirements.

materialAt present, all of our product offerings are 100% recyclable, allowing us to reconstitute any internal scrap produced by our process.
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